Fact: the Pacific Rim soundtrack makes everything better.

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Damn right she’s building robots in there, she’s a cybernetics genius, she’s running Danger’s restoration program at age 22. If the stuff on her desk isn’t jaeger-related she’s probably making incredibly advanced little machines out of old spare parts just to like relax and unwind after a long day


# ok but mako? would go super hard at it   # can you imagine after pitfall their entire romance would blossom around raleigh presenting her with interesting spare parts   # they’d be sitting in her room together with mako tinkering at her desk and raleigh in bed reading   # and at some point mako gives a long frustrated sigh and raleigh immediately perks up   # what is it my sun-and-stars what aspect of your work is less than perfectly satisfying how can i help   # and mako just smiles a little and says oh it’s alright   # just that this could be improved so much if i had a thingy   # raleigh takes precisely 3.27 minutes to avoid suspicion before he sprints out of the room   # and runs down to where alison is now overseeing maintenance   # DO YOU HAVE A THINGY says raleigh   # no? says alison   # OK BUT CAN YOU GET ONE says raleigh   # yee-es says alison at length. but it’ll be hard. thingies don’t grow on trees you know   # WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR IT says raleigh   # alison smiles a slow feline smile   # earlier that evening newt had come down to maintenance with a bad case of mouth diarrhea and a distraught hermann in his wake   # for god’s sake hermann had begged. i will pay you anything just give him a thingy or i swear i will murder him.   # alison has seen the future   # it is bright and includes her running a thingy mafia

roguepythia replied to your post: “If You’re At Comic Con…”:

Oh believe me, I am going to wake up in 5 hours so I can wait in line for 2 just so I can come back here and do just that. Keep your fingers crossed I get there in time for a ticket!!

All of them, and my toes too!

If You’re At Comic Con…

Those of us who can’t be there would love a obsessive, just this side of frightening, and pornographically detailed description of the Oculus Rift Jaeger Pilot battle against Knifehead. Thanks!

- The Unlucky Masses



Imagine my surprise when Pacific Rim again has a huge presence at SDCC.

This is Prop Store London’s auction offerings on display. I wasn’t expecting these, so I didn’t bring my DSLR with me, but man was it cool to see Striker Eureka’s suit.

The Legendary booth, as well, is hardcore decked out Pacific Rim. There’s a few themed props (don’t worry, I took photos too) and the booth workers are wearing costumes/pieces from the film.

There’s an Oculous Rift demo that I didn’t get a chance to try yet, as well, so I’m going to make a beeline to the Legendary booth first thing when the floor opens tomorrow.

'til then, enjoy these! 

neuralhandshake comes through again for PacRim SDCC pics!


I just want a picture of Mako in a SnapBack and shutter shades, wearing a neon tank top, sitting on top of The Lady and being like “Danger level: Hella”

And Raleigh being back on the platform with a stereo or something. Just ridiculous fun.


It is physical compatibility…
Pacific Rim short doujin <3 Mako&Raleigh